Finds and counts all dynamic objects in the picture, monitors their actions, and recognizes details


Works with specified types of dynamic objects

Recognizes an object with high confidence with image noise

Measures the pulse of a person without touching the arteries

How does product work?

Vmx SILA finds objects with an unpredictable trajectory in the picture. A human is identified by the key nodes of the torso and limbs — the “skeleton”. You can detect and monitor a living object for a variety of purposes. In particular, Vmx SILA solves the following tasks:

  1. Customer Service Quality Control
    1. The software determines whether there is a queue, how many people queuing, whether there is an employee at the point, how much time he/she spends on servicing one customer, the peak load period, and how many specialists are needed to cope with the rush. This is how valuable data is generated for client-oriented organizations: from banks to supermarkets, from government service offices to airports with inspection zones.
  2. Industrial Safety Compliance Monitoring
    1. Vmx SILA monitors employees at their workplaces to determine whether they all use personal protective equipment (helmets, goggles, gloves), an employee stays out of a dangerous restricted area, or an employee interacted with equipment. The VideoMatrix solution serves as an indispensable assistant to prevent incidents and cater to employee safety.
  3. Monitoring Personnel’s Physical Condition
    1. Without making physical contact with a person, Vmx SILA incredibly determines a person’s physical condition: their pulse and other vital indicators, which is important, for example, for truckers, pilots, machine tool operators, and others.
  4. Access Control
    1. Vmx SILA is also able to recognize each person individually. This makes the collected analytics highly personalized.
  5. Rapid Response to Road Situations
    1. When Vmx SILA monitors traffic, it counts and classifies objects. The system accurately spots incidents and accidents, and quickly transmits the data to responsible services. Every minute is crucial to bringing help in time and saving lives.
  6. Livestock Accounting and Animal Health Control
    1. This solution is for livestock and agricultural holdings. The software is able to determine people, vehicles, and animals next to them in the frame, count at acceptance, and trace the animals’ trajectory of movement, behavior, and physical conditions, including their vital signs or even weight.

Vmx SILA uses computer vision technology and machine learning algorithms while improving itself in the process. The VideoMatrix system can be either an independent turnkey solution or a part of an internal manufacturing execution system (MES).

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We want to thank Videomatrix for successfully developing a system for automatically calculating the number of animals in two passages of the hangar. The company fully completed the task and reached the required level of reliability when counting the number of animals, 99.9%. The results achieved allow us to scale the system to the entire number of animal acceptance points at our complex.

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O.P. Kovalskaya
Deputy CEO of Tambov Bacon LLC (RUSAGRO)