Vmx Qualex

Tracks products in production, automatically records data, and creates a product datasheet

Vmx Qualex does an excellent job

even with image noise (dust, splashes, dirt, glare, high temperatures)

tracking both products and specified objects

in real time, saving video files for later viewing

How does the product work?

Here’s how Vmx Qualex works as follows. Images from multiple cameras in the production area are sent to the server and combined into a single panoramic picture. Vmx Qualex server software finds the specified product in the picture and tracks it until it is removed from the conveyor. While tracking, the system records the time, place, and actions performed on the product – such as removal, installation, or modification – in the database. The recorded data contains a still image from the camera, among other things, if a violation is detected at that moment.

Vmx Qualex generates a product datasheet by recording the stages, time, and conditions a given raw material passed through before becoming a product. The system also records the number of products that eventually reach the warehouse from the production line and how many do not. If a product doesn’t make it to the warehouse, the data collected will answer why not. This improves the quality of production control and greatly simplifies accounting for products and raw materials, increasing economic security.

Qualex traces both the production line or conveyor, and other objects of interest. For example, when tracking equipment, Vmx Qualex can control the position of moving mechanisms by determining coordinates, work cycle, downtime, and critical states. This helps reduce equipment downtime, which means improved production efficiency.