Vmx MarkerID

Detects markings on the surface and recognizes it

Vmx MarkerID recognizes markings

even with poor image or stamp quality

with high accuracy in 99% of cases

in real time, on static and moving objects

How does the product work?

Vmx MarkerID recognizes markings with numbers, letters, and symbols using machine stereoscopic vision. The system independently detects barcodes on the surface, regardless of quantity and location. Even if the label has already faded or the surface is dirty, don’t worry about Videomatrix’s results. It succeeds in 99% of cases.

Vmx Marker ID developed by Videomatrix LLC is used at industrial enterprises to automatically register the acceptance and shipment of marked products or numbered cars and containers in railway trains.

MarkerID complements other Vmx products, Dequs and Qualex, when solving production problems. Reading markings identifies a unique object and tracks personalized events associated with it. Reading markings from workwear is provided by MarkerID when using with Vmx SILA. This ensures the accuracy of data for product quality certificates, personalization of employees, or management reports.

Vmx MarkerID is already
being used to solve real-world challenges

We chose Videomatrix when we were looking for a non-standard solution to a standard problem: reading train car numbers. A lot of systems already on the market didn’t work for us. They couldn’t adjust to different marking fonts. On top of that, the cars in our case move along the ArcelorMittal internal railway network, which means they have a non-standard CRC code, which turned out to be too much for basic software to handle.

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Tigran Chiflikyants, Project Manager

The solution from Videomatrix is used in the Wallet mobile application to recognize discount cards that users photograph to save in the app so they don’t have to carry the originals with them. Wallet users only need to show their smartphone screen at the register to get a discount and accumulate or use loyalty points.

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Philip Shubin, COO at Cardsmobile,
the developer of the Wallet app