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The example from recent experience

Front office customer Service monitoring

The current result achieved in 30 days

In the reception there are several cameras.
The system records the fact of service: the approach of the client and whether the operator works

We pay attention to the quality (accuracy) of interference processing: accidental hitting a person in the capture zone does not lead to a false fixation of the facts of presence or service.
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We create Artificial Intelligence in industry

Project experience in the development of unique mathematical models and software recognition algorithms gained since 1996, has experienced a technological update during 2016-2017. Now the team is discovering a new vector of industrial AI using neural networks and machine learning.

Product portfolio

VideoMatrix portfolio products are able to immediately cover about 80% of the task functionality. The other 20% is an inevitable adaptation to the task specifics, which cannot be avoided.

The work principles

We achieve the goals of the task as accurately as possible by studying the characteristics of the task, the physical principles of the technological process, and consider all kinds of interferences occured during the examination and adaptation stages.

Reliable technologies

The technologies of our products ensure that the project cost is reduced by 2-3 times and the work duration is reduced by 3-5 times comparing to similar offers on the market, ensuring a high and stable index of the reliability of work.

Unique skill

The team successfully solves problems characterized by high speed of objects, high noise level, low quality of content, lack of computing power or communication channel bandwidth.

Company presentation in PDF

The VideoMatrix team specializes in pattern recognition and image processing in various spectra. We have been releasing systems for controlling the authenticity and banknotes status for banks since 1996, quality control systems for printing protected products for the printing industry since 2005, and have been applying technologies for industrial video analytics in metallurgy and petrochemistry since 2014. The team has practical experience in implementing MES solutions that fully automate various parts of the production process.

Product portfolio

Vmx Qualex

Product for industrial video analytics. Capture, classification and tracking of production facilities or processing products are used to form control actions of MES systems.


Situational video analytics. Tracking the situation with the living or dynamic objects participation (eg, people) to identify specific factual cases.

Vmx MarkerID

The solution for capturing and recognizing numbers, text, barcodes and QR codes on objects and generating control actions of MES systems.

Vmx Dequs

Product to control product quality. Analysis of product characteristics, detection of defects, classification at various stages of the production cycle for the forming of control actions of MES systems.

Vmx Platform Business CAP

The product is intended for customization of solutions, accounting for the business logic of the organization, conversion and data transfer to the enterprise information system, data visualization. The product expands the solution possibilities to use on mobile devices and augmented reality.

Vmx Platform Frame

The product is intended for the organization of server-based video analytics: image preprocessing, quality control and video stream stability, creating panoramic images, analytics archives, video camera management and integration with enterprise equipment.

Trends 2020

According to the analytical agency MarketsandMarkets , the manufacturing execution system (MES) will reach $ 12.6 billion by 2020, and the average annual growth rate will be 11% in 2015-2020. In 2009, the market volume was $ 3.6 billion.

Process stage


The specifics, conditions of use and goals of our customers are often unique, so we start by inspecting all the conditions and goals of the customer, identifying the amount of customization necessary for our products.


A set of necessary products and solutions from our portfolio is formed, taking into account the specifics and goals of the customer, software adaptation is carried out, as well as integration with hardware.


The turnkey solution is implemented on the customer’s site, integration and commissioning are carried out. A package of techno-working documentation is being formed, customer’s personnel training is being conducted.


Under license agreements, software support is provided, access to basic updates and new product versions is granted. The team is working on the updates.

Examples of project implementation

The advantages of our technology

The products we have formed are usually able to solve about 80% of the task set out of the box. However, the ultimate goal of using machine vision is to form control actions or information signals with others, including MES systems, saving our customers money. Our approach to work and the used technologies imply unconditional close integration of our solutions with existing client systems, which in itself is the goal of our project in the remaining 20%.

There are no "faultless" systems in the world of objective control. We bring each algorithm to perfection, trying to achieve 100% the workings compliance of our solutions to objective reality, taking into account all the possible diversity of life situations and the human factor influence. We have been using machine learning technologies and neural networks to achieve the highest level of intelligence systems since the beginning of 2017.

We try to achieve maximum reliability of our products and we work with any cameras and any visual conditions. All sorts of natural or artificial interference, often occurring in industrial operation, are taken into account when developing recognition algorithms. We manage to get a stable software behavior in the presence of such environmental disturbances as steam, dust, precipitation, fog, shadows, and glare as a result.

    The main goal of our products is to achieve maximum accuracy of the outputs generated by the system and control actions on the customer’s systems. The reliability of the result is the quality of our product, which ultimately quickly turns into real savings. We
  • provide a high percentage of recognition of character-digital markings and bar codes with distortion (erased, poorly printed, polluted);
  • retain reliability when receiving images with degraded sharpness and contrast, an increased level of digital noise;
  • introduce insuring algorithms and take into account the "marginal" cases of content.

The VideoMatrix product portfolio in a regular supply covers more than 70% of the identified customer needs according to the market expertise. Thus, with a guaranteed quality of the result, the project cost is reduced by 2-3 times , and the deadlines for implementation are on average by 3-5 times compared to competing offers on the market. Moreover, the basic algorithms are constantly being improved, thus the quality of work is “polished” and customers receive free updates all the time.

We have been cooperating with Videomatrix team for more than three years. Colleagues solve problems that others cannot solve, and provide Customers with the maximum effect from the use of technology.

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